Christianity Explored – Register here

Do you have questions about faith, Christianity, God, life and its direction?

This programme gives you an opportunity to discuss this, to bring your questions and to see what the Bible says about your questions.

You can just have coffee and a discussion based around the Bible and what it states, and think about what our response to that might be?

We offer an 8 evening programme – called Christianity Explored starting May 2022

What can you expect?

Discussion, outline notes, background information, short DVD presentations and plenty of space to write your thoughts and ideas.  No one is asked to read out loud, pray or discuss anything you don’t want to. People can participate as much as they like or they can just sit and listen.

Register here

You can register here to be part of this – we would love to have that discussion with you and to listen to your thoughts and questions.

People often ask – can you really trust the Bible, if there is a God why does he allow suffering, aren’t all religions basically the same, or does God even exist? You may have many more questions. This is an opportunity to put them all on the table, listen and work through them with others.

What others have said

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Make sure you register to reserve your place.